Welcome to Bittern Primary School.

Bittern PS strives to create a dynamic community partnership fostering lifelong learners enabled by the skills, values and attitudes necessary for success in a changing world.

The Vision at Bittern Primary School captures the essential learning and understanding that students, teachers, parents and community members identify as important attributes for all learners who attend our school. Our committed staff provide an engaging learning environment that promotes inclusivity, positive relationships and a productive learning environment that cultivates success for all.

Our school prides itself in current research based teaching and learning approaches. We also believe that all students achieve in a supportive environment and should have access to the many opportunities that allow them to showcase their skill set and personal development/progress.

Bittern PS is a small community school with a big heart and love of learning. We develop strong connections to all members of our community to ensure that students, parents and teachers feel a sense of connectedness in an evolving and changing community.

The key components to successful educational outcomes that we provide at Bittern PS are:

Student voice – to allow students to give feedback to their teachers on what is working well, what needs to change and what needs to be done better. This allows students to have a critical voice in their learning to maximise their potential and growth.

Professional Learning Teams – staff work, plan and discuss student learning in professional learning teams to gather their own feedback on the best ways to support student achievement. Teams use evidence (data), to support and drive these discussions to design an instructional approach for the individual learning needs of students.

Peer Observations – teachers engage in Peer Observations as a form of professional development to deepen their knowledge and skills of their own instructional practice. Peer observations are important for personal growth as well as developing a mindset of continuous improvement and development.

Specialist Programs – providing students with a variety of learning opportunities fosters lasting connections in learning from Bittern PS, into the wider community. PE, STEM, Auslan, Music and Art provides students with the ability to feel successful within a diverse range of stimulating and educational situations.

Bittern Buddies – With the help and assistance of our dedicated teachers and parents, Bittern PS is a dynamic and vibrant school. We are continuously looking for opportunities, ideas and grants to support the improvement of our internal and external facilities as well as up-to-date equipment that will enhance learning for everyone.

With such a dedicated, nurturing and dynamic environment, Bittern PS supports students to value Trust, develop and earn Respect, have High Expectations of themselves and others, be present with a Professional Attitude and work together as a Team.