At Bittern PS, we offer students with rich experiences in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM). ICT/STEM combines two academic disciplines with the technical challenges of learning to problem solve and mastering a skill set in critical and creative thinking.  Students at Bittern PS explore this area of the curriculum in a designated Computer Lab set up with desktop computers, Lego Robotics equipment, Notebooks, equipment to record and edit as well as a ‘Green Screen’.

STEM activities are designed around opportunities for students to solve ‘real world’ challenges – that is, challenges that are relevant to their lives.  Activities that involve experimentation, discovery, building or connecting things are great ways to teach and engage students in their learning.

The best approach to STEM education through out  Primary School, is skills based. At Bittern PS, there is also a focus on skills that have applications well beyond STEM, such as collaboration, estimating, calculating, measuring, hypothesising and communicating. The use of open-ended tasks allow students to select from their own skills ‘toolkit’ to direct their own journey towards a creative solution to a problem. This approach is often the best way to exercise students’ creativity and provide opportunities for students to try out their skills.