Bittern PS have offered personal Instrumental Music lessons in the past. In 2019, we are proud to offer Classroom Music as a Specialist Class for all students from Foundation to Year 6.

Like Visual Art’s, Music provides students with the opportunity to ‘tap into’ their creativity and explore their unique imaginations. Music also playa a central role in shaping students sense of their personal, social and cultural identity while allowing students to engage and identify with cultures locally, nationally and globally.

Music provides an authentic learning experience from a very early age. At home, young children are exposed to a variety of television shows and computer programs that teach about numbers, letters, healthy eating, colours, and so on. I observed this firsthand as my two daughters actively engaged in song, dance, and making music in their early years of learning. The Music program at Bittern PS will;

  1. Promotes active listening
  2. Supports recall
  3. Increases participation
  4. Caters to a variety of learning modes
  5. Fosters relaxation
  6. Supports classroom management
  7. Connects to movement