Literacy Approach

All Victorian Government Schools follow the Victorian Curriculum as set out by the Department of Education. The Victorian Curriculum focus’s on developing students’ knowledge, understanding and skills in listening, speaking, reading, viewing, and writing. The processes of learning and understanding these curriculum areas, are interrelated and the learning of one often supports and extends the learning of others. At Bittern Primary School we take a personalised approach to student learning in all curriculum areas. Through the English curriculum students will develop a love and enjoyment of reading, writing and speaking and listening through engaging classroom activities and events. Teachers work in teams to plan, monitor, track and develop student learning sequences to ensure that all students experience the success of learning. Teachers follow an Instructional Model that reviews prior learning, allows for explicit teaching, group and independent work as well as a review of learning and understanding of concepts. Students will have a variety of opportunities to express their achievements and experience the following approaches;
  • Big Books
  • Reading Journals
  • Writer’s Notebook
  • The use of Multi-media
  • Individuals & Group Conferencing
  • Whole Language
  • Guided Reading
  • Daily Writing
  • Oral Language Development
  • Goal setting and much much more.
All staff at Bittern Primary School strive to provide a positive, informed learning environment that nurtures and celebrates student achievement and encourages a positive attitude to all aspects of their learning. We encourage parent participation in the classrooms such as, reading with students, typing up stories, covering books, and many more helpful tasks. Please ensure you have a current   Working With Children Check at the Main Office and also speak to your child’s teacher.