Numeracy Approach



Bittern Primary School strives to provide a challenging and innovative numeracy curriculum that meets the varying needs of each individual student. Like the Literacy curriculum, numeracy is also drawn from the Victorian Curriculum. It incorporates Number, Algebra, Measurement, Geometry, Statistics and Probability.

Bittern Primary School understands that each student has their own learning history with diverse and specific needs. Our staff are committed to meeting these needs through a variety of ways;

  • Individual Learning Plans.
  • Open Ended maths activities.
  • Tasks focused on investigation and problem solving.
  • Explicit teaching of specific numeracy skills and facts.
  • Using a range of structures within the classroom including group work, peer tutoring and individual activities.
  • Integration of current and new technologies.
  • Using a wide range of numeracy resources.
  • Staff professional development in ‘Best Practice.’
  • Integrating the numeracy curriculum with other curriculum areas and much, much more.

All staff at Bittern Primary School provide a positive learning environment that celebrates students growth and success. Our staff ensure that students have the ‘content knowledge’ of the mathematics curriculum, but also the conceptual understanding and ability to solve problems by understanding the Why and How of mathematics.